Development workflow


In addition to the packages required to run the tutorial (see the install guide for more detail), you will need the following libraries:


The overall structure of the workflow is as follows:

  1. Develop material on Jupyter notebooks and place them under the content/ folder.
  2. When you want to build the website with the new content run on, the root folder:

    > make notebooks

  3. When you want to obtain a new version of the pdf or ebook formats, run on the root folder:

    > make book

  4. When you want to push a new version to the website to Github Pages, make sure to commit all your changes first on the master branch (assuming your remote is named as origin):

    > git add .
    > git commit -m "commit message"
    > git push origin master

    Then you can run:

    > make website

    This will compile a new version of the website, pdf, eupb and mobi files, check them in, switch to the gh-pages branch, check the new version of the website and push it to Github.

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