Further Resources

Further Resources

If this course is successful, it will leave you wanting to learn more about using Python for (Geographic) Data Science. See below a few resources that are good “next steps”.


  • The “Automating GIS processes”, by Vuokko Heikinheimo and Henrikki Tenkanen is a great overview of GIS with a modern Python stack:

  • The “GDS Course” by Dani Arribas-Bel [AB19] is an introductory level overview of Geographic Data Science, including notebooks, slides and video clips.


  • “Python for Geographic Data Analysis”, by Henrikki Tenkanen, Vuokko Heikinheimo and David Whipp:

  • “Geographic Data Science in Python”, by Sergio J. Rey, Dani Arribas-Bel and Levi J. Wolf: