Online publishing

In this 1.5h session we introduce how you could make your reproducable research open. This basically means making use of repositories such as Github, which not only serves as a backup repository, but as well as a way of collabation with known and unknown authors. Further, we show that making slides in RStudio is breeze and why you actually might want to typeset a paper in HTML (answer: you make a webpage out of it using Github).

Concepts we review:

  1. Open repositories (most notably: Github)
  2. Creating HTML5 slides (and of course pdf slides) with just using Markdown and RStudio
  3. Post your research as a webpage


For this session, we basically need five tools: R, RStudio, the git and github packages and LaTeX. Head over to the Requirements page to see how to install them if you haven’t yet.

For the assignment we will finalise replicating this paper. The document for the assignment is here and the file with references is here. The data can be found in this the Assignments/Assignment5/Data/ folder and the R scripts needed to create the figures in the Assignments/Assignment5/src/ folder to be downloaded from the download page.

The final document should look like this and the whole paper including make file can be downloaded from the download page.


After this session, you should be able to: