Geographic Data Science

Global Spatial Autocorrelation
Dani Arribas-Bel

Global Spatial Autocorr.

Global Spatial Autocorr.


Overall trend where the distribution of values follows a particular pattern over space

[Positive] Similar values close to each other (high-high, low-low)

[Negative] Similar values far from each other (high-low)

How to measure it???

Moran Plot

  • Graphical device that displays a variable on the horizontal axis against its spatial lag on the vertical one
  • Variable and spatial weights matrix are preferably standardized
  • Asssessment of the overall association between a variable in a given location and in its neighborhood

IMD Choropleth IMD Moran Plot

Moran’s I

Formal test of global spatial autocorrelation

Statistically identify the presence of clustering in a variable

Slope of the Moran plot

Inference based on how likely it is to obtain a map like observed from a purely random pattern

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