Dani Arribas-Bel

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I am Deputy Programme Director for Urban Analytics and ESRC Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute . I am also a Senior Lecturer in Geographic Data Science at the Department of Geography and Planning , and member of the Geographic Data Science Lab, at the University of Liverpool (UK), where I direct the MSc in Geographic Data Science.

I am part of the development team of the open source library PySAL for spatial analysis in Python; and created contextily, a small Python package to use web tile services in static maps.

Since 2019, I am co-editor of "Environment and Planning B - Urban Analytics and City Science" and, since 2020, I am also in the editorial panel of "Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A - Statistics in Society".

My main research interests are:

You can reach me at D.Arribas-Bel [at] liverpool.ac.uk or at darribas-bel [at] turing.ac.uk and you can find me on Twitter as @darribas